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Demo CRAZY: Election Reflections

The barangay and SK elections in the Philippines has finally ended. It has been a socio-political exercise that made me thinking the past weeks. I am trying to see what its implications are in our communities as we hold this very significant event. Are we really ready as a nation to participate in this kind of exercise? I have seen nothing but violence related to this in the news daily, that I pause and reflect whether elections in the Philippines help us in unifying our people. However, it goes the other way around. It actually destroys us. In this land where democracy should reign, people become crazy in times such as this.

I became more active this election because my wife’s mother ran for office. I saw how different agendas were pushed by different camps just to get the most coveted seats in their locality. Neighbors who have been friends for decades become enemies in days.  I believe if we won’t change the process by which we elect our baranggay officials, we should defer from doing it all together. We miss the point why we do elections. We are to hear people who loves their community share their plans on hw to make it better. This is not a venue to throw allegations left and right just to show the voters why they should not vote the other wanabee politician.

The Philippines has  a long way to go in terms of politics. But the way things are done in the baranggay level makes you wonder how long will we rise from all this. Still, I believe in the power of a nations that is free. We just have to become more responsible with the freedom we so openly neglect.



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Trying to like GLEE but failing

Last night was my first time to watch Glee. The only reason that I watched it was a fellow countryman was supposed to be a recurring character in this hit series. If it wasn’t for CHARICE, I wouldn’t even dare turn the channel towards that direction. Yet, because I wanted to be a good Filipino and because of the fact that almost all the TV shows I have been glued to have already ended, I found myself watching the show and hoping I would like it the way millions of viewers have. Alas, the show ended without sparking anything inside me to make me crave for more.

I don’t know if I just don’t like the type of genre the show is based on. I really don’t find musicals entertaining. I had the same reaction after watching High school Musical and Camp Rock. The only musical I enjoyed as far as I can remember is The Sound of Music and Hairspray. I guess I’ll try to watch the show a few times more just to support our country’s only hope aside from Manny Pacquiao from ever becoming famous for something worthwhile.

So here’s my attempt to enjoy this worldwide phenomenon:

I think I still woundn't enjoy GLEE even if I'm in it

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Year of the TIGRESS

2009 is actually year of the Ox, but as the year ends it seems that it’s slowly becoming the year of the TIGER.

Tiger Woods has been in a lot of trouble this month. It started with the disclosure that the world class athlete and role model is having an affair. To make matters worse, there is not just one woman he is having an affair. Almost every week a new name pops up adding to the already long list of Tiger’s mistresses.

I guess Woods need more than one tigress in his yard. How many do you now so far?

1. Rachel Uchitel
2. Jaimee Grubbs
3. Kalika Moquin
4. Cori Rist
5. Holly Sampson
6. Mindy Lawton
7. Jamie Jungers
8. An unidentified British TV
9. A mystery cocktail waitress
10. A“sex-addicted cougar”

Add more to the list: ___________________

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Christmas Gift NO NOs

The season for exchange gifts is here once more. At times we get traditional gifts which everybody loves to give but nobody wants to receive. These include:

1. Photo frame
2. Photo album
3. Face towel
4. Crappy shirts
5. Toiletries
6. Calendar
7. Pillows
8. Coin bank
9. Candles
10. the list goes on and on

I’ll be posting gift suggestions which would make my Christmas more happier this year. I had enough of the following items to last for years of Christmases to come.

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Things people do when in love

The apostle John in his first letter recorded in Scripture wrote, ” Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” This was the message in chapel today.

Love drives people to do crazy things. How much more can a person do when his heart is filled with God’s love. Such love overflows that we who experience it wouldn’t be able to contain it. It has to be shared. It is what compels us to do what God wants in our lives. Love is our constant motivation.

Nobody can experience God’s love and not share it with others. It is a proof that God’s love is in us. Persons who love others must have experienced it firsthand from others who experienced God’s love from others as well. It is never ending cycle of love being given. Love is never meant to be kept. It has to be given away.

Love drives us to do the unimaginable. It maybe crazy for some but that is love’s effect on people.

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