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B.I.T.A.G. in the House (of God)

My wife and I went to Christ Commission Fellowship yesterday for worship. We arrived early so we can get good seats before people start pouring in for the 12nn service.While waiting for the service to start, my wife pointed at a person who seem familiar to her. To my surprise it was Ben Tulfo of B.I.T.A.G fame. Thoughts flooded my mind trying to figure out why is he there in the first place.

Was he doing an expose on the church (I hope not)?
How long has he been attending the church? Was it his first time?
Can I get a picture of us together (got hooked with his show at some point in my life)?haha

It’s good to see so many celebrities in our churches nowadays. Back then we often see them in bars and parties but not inside the church’s walls especially evangelical ones. I hope that this would not stay as a trend but a genuine transformation in their lives.


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