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Demo CRAZY: Election Reflections

The barangay and SK elections in the Philippines has finally ended. It has been a socio-political exercise that made me thinking the past weeks. I am trying to see what its implications are in our communities as we hold this very significant event. Are we really ready as a nation to participate in this kind of exercise? I have seen nothing but violence related to this in the news daily, that I pause and reflect whether elections in the Philippines help us in unifying our people. However, it goes the other way around. It actually destroys us. In this land where democracy should reign, people become crazy in times such as this.

I became more active this election because my wife’s mother ran for office. I saw how different agendas were pushed by different camps just to get the most coveted seats in their locality. Neighbors who have been friends for decades become enemies in days.  I believe if we won’t change the process by which we elect our baranggay officials, we should defer from doing it all together. We miss the point why we do elections. We are to hear people who loves their community share their plans on hw to make it better. This is not a venue to throw allegations left and right just to show the voters why they should not vote the other wanabee politician.

The Philippines has  a long way to go in terms of politics. But the way things are done in the baranggay level makes you wonder how long will we rise from all this. Still, I believe in the power of a nations that is free. We just have to become more responsible with the freedom we so openly neglect.



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The REAL Dick Gordon

After announcing his candidacy for next year’s election, I was so elated that Senator Dick Gordon would run for president. Not only is he my favorite, but he is running with my second favorite public servant, MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando. I first heard his passion for our country in an interview with DJ Mo Twister. Listening to this man made me see that he is what the Philippines need at this point in history.

I decided to search for his website today. After googling his name, I click on the first thing that came up from the search engine. To my surprise there was another Dick Gordon.

To get to know te next possible president of our country. Visit

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