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Trying to like GLEE but failing

Last night was my first time to watch Glee. The only reason that I watched it was a fellow countryman was supposed to be a recurring character in this hit series. If it wasn’t for CHARICE, I wouldn’t even dare turn the channel towards that direction. Yet, because I wanted to be a good Filipino and because of the fact that almost all the TV shows I have been glued to have already ended, I found myself watching the show and hoping I would like it the way millions of viewers have. Alas, the show ended without sparking anything inside me to make me crave for more.

I don’t know if I just don’t like the type of genre the show is based on. I really don’t find musicals entertaining. I had the same reaction after watching High school Musical and Camp Rock. The only musical I enjoyed as far as I can remember is The Sound of Music and Hairspray. I guess I’ll try to watch the show a few times more just to support our country’s only hope aside from Manny Pacquiao from ever becoming famous for something worthwhile.

So here’s my attempt to enjoy this worldwide phenomenon:

I think I still woundn't enjoy GLEE even if I'm in it


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A Year of Heroes

This year has been memorable for every Filipino after all the things that have been in and out of the news. The past twelve months have been filled with scandals and tragedies as well as celebrations and victories.
However, I consider 2009 as the year of heroes for our country.

We have seen how the Philippines rose after being struck by strong typhoons the likes of Ondoy and Peping. For a moment, the word’s eyes were fixed on us while heroes sprung up from everywhere as everyone helped anyone within their reach.

Manny Pacquiao defied all odds as he became the first boxer to have seven titles in different weight divisions. He became not only a national hero to us but a hero to many who witnessed his victory.

Efren Peñaflorida’s passion to teach kids who can’t go to school wasn’t left unnoticed He became CNN’s hero of the year as he exhibited the spirit of volunteerism that emerged despite the stormy situation our country is in.

They are just among the few individuals we look up too these days. Indeed, our world needs more heroes. Be one…

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