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Experience ATS 2010 v1

My left brain jump started yesterday while the whole Metro was without electricity. Because I am so excited for the potential of this event to draw students to the seminary, I conceptualized a poster for it, as early as now. Just had the layout checked today so revisions will be done within the week. I hope the original design would be retained as this would go to a lot of scrutiny. Will post revisions once it’s been done again. I plan to post my creations here in my blog so I could archive it somehow. To those who would be reading this, feel free to comment. It would be appreciated very much


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Reunions Reloaded

BEA Batch 1998 Reunion

It seems like every group of people I belong to wants to have a reunion. Whether it be gradeschool/highschool classmates to past church mates everybody wants to see each other after years of having no communication at all. Thanks to the wonders of facebook, what was consider to be long lost friends are just a click a way. The good thing is such gatherings are now possible because of this type of communication. However, I am in the middle of all these and I don’t know if I can organize several reunions in the span of two to three years. Here is the breakdown

  • I just volunteered myself to mobilize our clan’s next reunion.
  • My grade school classmates have constantly been asking if our reunion (after more than a decade) is possible
  • My High School batch mates wants me to help with our reunion (even though I have been their classmate for less than to years)

I guess this is my calling at this point in time. To see people come together again bound together with friendships that were built through time is a sight I would never get tired of witnessing. Makes me excited for the greatest reunion that will happen soon.

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